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Sketching....Most of my paintings are based on photographs taken while walking, with an occasional studio sketch to pull my ideas together. However on my travels I use a sketch book for fun.

My quick doodles are usually produced in about 20 minuets with a coffee, glass of wine or beer. So the viewpoint is controlled where the table and bar is located. There overall effect may by affected the alcohol content of my drink.... or lack of it.

The sketches are for fun and personal amusement, but hopefully represent the essence of the scene in front of me. The world is now moving on, I now have an i pad ....even greater fun.

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Santiago de Compostela Catherdral, Spain.
I arrive after a long walk... Rob and I collect our Compostelas.

Looking towards Postbridge, Dartmoor

From Seaton tramway...a cold Novembers day

Padua, Italy. Waiting for my Pizza of the evening.

London City from Tate Modern, drinking a glass of porter called 'Engine Oil', so well named.

Astorga, Spain. I arrive at my destination after  walking The Via de la Plata,
with a glass or two of Albereno to celebrate

A wet Longlesdale, Lake District
St Martins in the Fields London, while waiting for Rob.

Ravenna, Italy, recovery beer after being blown away by the Basilica

Andrew Lievesley 2015